N-Instant enables banks and financial institutions to instantly issue and activate payment cards with a scalable and robust EMV Chip Card, supporting multiple platforms.

N-Instant’s on-the-spot card issuance saves distribution and shipment costs for cards and PIN issuance. It cuts additional fees incurred by card personalization bureaus. Issuers gain from savings made on lost and stolen cards. Instant, seamless solutions increase end-user activation and usage rates.

How does it work?

  • Customer enrolls for a new card at a branch
  • Branch personnel enters customer information on client application screen
  • Client application sends information to the printer
  • Customer information is sent back to Network International Personalization Server
  • Customer information is personalized and encrypted
  • Branch personnel prints the card for customer
  • Encrypted personalized information is sent back to client application at the branch
Network International
Network International
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