Acquirer Processing
for Africa

Open a world of opportunity with our acquiring solutions.


Africa presents a unique opportunity for banks to help support financial inclusion in markets where cash is still the dominant choice of payment. But, for most banks, the cost, risk, complexity and resources required to deliver suitable acquiring solutions far outweigh the rewards.

We provide acquiring processing services to banks as a professional third party, allowing them to deploy comprehensive merchant-payment product capabilities, while the management is outsourced to us, the industry specialists.

Our acquiring processing solution can be implemented as new or can replace your current system. This means removing associated costs, mitigating significant systems investment and removing the need for further investment to make your infrastructure compliant.


We are ready to help you deliver a full end-to-end acquiring solution, which includes:


If you are a merchant looking for payment acceptance, digital or online solutions, then please contact your bank to enquire if they offer our products.

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